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Deep Blue Hot Basalt Stone Fusion Massage (90 min) $115

Hot Basalt Stones and essential oils are used to relax the muscles allowing your therapist to get deep into the multi layers of muscle. This is a fusion of heat, deep tissue massage that your therapist will taylor for you using a combination of some of the following therapies, myofascial release,petrissage, skin rolling, NMT, deep tissue, trigger point therapy,stretching, cupping, hacking, that will allow your therapist to achieve your goal. This is not for a first time massage. You may be slightly sore the day after, It is very important to drink a lot of water to flush out lactic acid.


You will drift away in natural synergy with ocean inspired elements. The shells are from the Phillipene Islands. Lava shells have a combination of natural lava, minerals, dried sea kelp, saline water and your choice of essential oil that naturally create heat from the inside out. Light or moderate pressure is used per your request with green tee and mango oil, your tight muscles and soreness will melt away taking you into a deep state of tranquility. You will receive a warm green tea thermal foot wrap to extract toxins, followed with a salt sea foot scrub and peppermint oil massage, sure to make you feel as if you are walking on air. You massage will end with cool glacial shell face and neck massage. You will feel so relaxed and renewed.